Tim Thomas Career Biography

patshirleyTim’s wife of several years, Shirley, takes an active role in all their enterprises interests and serves as management coordinator in the Las Vegas office.

When asked what he enjoys doing in his spare time, he chuckles: “Spare time…What’s that?”


But we do know that Tim enjoys a few rounds of golf on occasion and enjoys studying NASCAR because of its precision and teamwork. At other leisure times we might also discover him indulging in a little Karaoke.pat elvis 2 1990 2_small

Always on board to entertain family, friends and acquaintances, Tim Thomas often finds himself thrust into the role of “Life of the Party”




Pictured in June, 1990 at the La Jolla Marriot Tim performs See See Rider for the crowd at a “Puttin on the Hits” show for a fund raiser for the San Diego Ronald McDonald House.

“It was a lot of fun,” he says, adding “I guess I could be just as happy sitting at a piano bar somewhere taking requests.”

Rialto asst 1975McDonald’s franchise owner/operator

Tim Thomas grew up in the shadow of the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California, less than a hundred miles from Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.  His McDonalds career began in 1968 when he was hired as a crew person at a franchise in  Rialto.  Six months later he was promoted to shift manager and became assistant  manager in 1970.

Things happened fast for me” says Tim, “I guess because I enjoyed the work and saw the potential of this relatively new corporation.”

assistant mgr newly wed 1970Rising quickly through the ranks, Tim eventually became an Operations Consultant, a Training Consultant and also served in the Los Angeles region H.R. Department.  In 1992 McDonalds invited him to become a franchisee.  The Corporation offered him his choice of opportunities among several geographical locations, and Tim ultimately chose Northeast Arkansas.

Owner/Operator of the McDonalds franchises in Newport, Pocahontas and Walnut Ridge, his stores continually achieved high Q.S.C. levels and his stores regularly received recognition as outstanding examples.

Tim Thomas ultimately served as McDonalds’ Corporation’s Great Southern Region Service Lead and as the Website System Administrator for  the Mid South Co-Op,  a collective organization of 110 franchises in 3 mid-south states.

In late 2008 Tim Thomas decided to expand his McDonald’s interests by purchasing seven restaurants in Las Vegas, and ultimately selling the Arkansas stores.  Currently Thomas Enterprises Inc. owns ten restaurants.

What are his keys to success?

“Training and motivation,” is his answer.

  Tim has developed a “3-R philosophy”

Results, Recognition and Reward”

“I own the business,” says Tim, “But I allow the managers to own the Operation.  Their results reflect their efforts.” The liberal insurance and profit sharing programs of Thomas Enterprises is reflected in loyal and long-term employees, many well into their third decade.